Frequently Asked Questions

Who will drive my car?

Where a car will be driven the production company must specify the driver(s), a rough estimate on the distance they will drive and the type of road they will drive on. Driver’s details and experience must be given to us. Where possible we allow the cars are driven by the owner, this means the car will be in good hands and the owner has the opportunity to be involved in the production.

Can I say no to a job?

Of course, it is your car. If you do not want your vehicle used in a shoot we offer, you can say so when you are told the production companies brief. Once production commences you will be unable to withdraw your car unless they are using it in a way that was not advised. You can specify what you do and do not want your car used for. You also have the option to say ‘No’ when a job is offered to you / your car if you don’t want it used for that job.

How much will I get paid?

Payment varies from job to job. Generally, you are paid on an hourly basis but if the vehicle is required for a longer period of time then you will be given an inclusive price. It also depends on whether it is just your vehicle or whether you are required to drive it.

How long will they need my car?

Each job is different, sometimes your car maybe required for a few hours, other times it could be months. Either way, you will be paid well for the time they have your car.

What should I do for transport when my car is being used?

You will need to arrange alternative transport yourself as not many production companies will supply you with a car while they have yours.

Can I go along with my car when they are filming?

Yes. Productions are generally happy with you being present while they feature your car. In fact, it is better for you to be there as know one knows the features of your car better than you. You may even be asked to be part of the film ie a film/TV extra, driver etc

Who pays for petrol?

We ask that your car is supplied to the production with a full tank of petrol, once they have finished, they must fill your car back up. This will mean that they pay for any petrol they use.

What happens if my car gets damaged?

We will NOT permit a production company to hire your car without proper insurance. If in the very unlikely event that your car is damaged or written off while in the production company’s care your car will be professionally repaired or replaced.

What happens if my car need repairs?

If your car has an existing problem, damage or defect that will not be repaired unless specified by the production company before the hiring. If the car needs repairs during or after the hire due to misuse by the hire company, they will pay.

What if my car is stolen?

Very, very unlikely but if it were to happen then the production companies insurance would cover the replacement cost. Cars are expected to be kept in secure areas when not in use. If the shoot is local then you are welcome to take the car home at the end of the day.

What sort of care do they take?

Production companies understand that you car is your pride and joy. They will do everything they can to make sure it is VERY well looked after.

Will my details be displayed on the Internet

The website will feature photos of your car, a basic location make, model and any hiring guidelines you specify. None of your personal details will be listed. If you wish to have your number plate anonymous then you should send the photos for the website with the number plate blanked out.

Will my personal details be safe?

NO INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN TO OR ON SOLD TO THIRD PARTIES. No private information will be accessible to the general public. Information regarding your car and you are stored securely. No personal information is stored online. We are governed by the Data Protection Act.

My car is far from showroom condition, does that matter?

No, often producers aren’t looking for “as new or better” cars. They may just be looking for a car from a certain era or style. They may also be looking for the ‘used’ look. If your car is in perfect condition this can work in your favour too! Either way your car could be the one Producers are looking for.

Does my car need to be registered?

Usually it won’t matter as filming is often on a closed set. It will only be an issue if the car is to be taken on a public road during transportation.

Who pays for transport of my car to a location?

In most cases if the production is near to where your car is kept then you will be required to deliver it to the specified site unless arrangements are made prior. If there is more distance involved the production company will cover costs of transportation or extra driving.

Does it cost me anything to join Abbey Film Cars?

No. Registration is free.